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Origin of Pelle Pelle Jacket

You must have heard the name “Pelle Pelle.” It’s been ruling the hip hop industry since 1970. It’s an Italian name for leather. This leather outerwear company Pelle Pelle  was launched in 1978 by the famous designer Marc Buchanan. He used to work on intricate details to make his designs outstanding. But unfortunately, after four decades of success of his craftsmanship, the company went bankrupt in 2019 leaving the fans disappointed. Since then there’s no clue of this company which was a big name of its time.

But if you’re a Pelle Pelle jacket fan, you don’t need to part ways with this specific outerwear as we have this in-store for you. Not exactly as the original but something unique with a new style that you would love to carry.

Pelle Pelle Leather Jacket – Premium Quality & Uncomparable Designs

As a Pelle Pelle admirer, you must know the factors that make it outstanding from others. First is its association with the hip hop culture, second is the luxurious look of the leather and next are its unique patches. If you want to figure out what is a Pelle Pelle Jacket, you can easily distinguish its look. Whether it’s a men or women ‘s jacket, it’s not hard to identify from its leather style.

Here on our website, we offer a wide range of collections starting from Pelle Pelle vintage jacket, soda club jacket, and Pelle Pelle jacket black. So, if you’re looking for an outerwear that will last for a decade and makes you look stunning then it can be none other than these awesome jackets. Made from original animal skin and vintage-inspired themes, these jackets are worth spending your money. It won’t only last a lifetime but will also add the glam to your look.

Now, instead of waiting for the return of the lost brand, how about investing in something more genuine that will stay with you for decades..

Tailored Pelle Pelle Coats for an Exclusive Winter Look

Winters are incomplete without coats. And who doesn’t want to look their finest in a blazer? Here Pelle Pelle is best suited for you. Made of the original animal skin, our Pelle Pelle jackets with hood are designed to keep you warm. So, why should you miss the original Pelle Pelle when you have us around.

Following the footsteps of the renown designer and innovator Marc Buchanan, we offer a sensational collection that’s tailored to your unique requirements. If you don’t want anything that’s already in-store, you can always drop your requirements for a dazzling and specific look.Here Quality and Customer Satisfaction are our prime focus and we make sure we don’t compromise on it. Now, if you want to rock in Pelle Pelle coats, you know where to shop.

Cheap Mens Pelle Pelle Leather Jackets Starting from $200

Well, the word Pelle Pelle is synonymous with “luxury.” Wherever, you would find it, beneath you will also come across an expensive price tag. That’s because of its Quality and Outstanding features and also the way it adds to your look. It can be above $1000. But for your convenience, we have kept the prices as low as $200. Starting from the basics, our prices vary according to the style and design.

Inspired from the well-known brand Pelle Pelle Marc Buchanan, our jackets are designed for all age groups and sizes. Since we have been seeking inspiration from the owner of the brand for a long time, you will always find the intricate details in our jackets. Be it women’s Pelle Pelle jacket or men’s Pelle Pelle leather jacket, you are going to be amazed by our awesome collection that also includes teenager jackets, picasso jackets and varsity jackets.

And the best part of adorning our leather jacket is that it won’t cost you kidneys. So, if you’re someone who admires Pelle Pelle but does not have a lot of dollars to shed, we are the ultimate place for you. Let’s shop around!

Are You an Original Pelle Pelle Store? Most Asked Question

No, we don’t claim to be original. We are admirers of the original brand but we have our hands on pure leather for a decade. We know how it’s made, stitched and designed. Our customers love our work and we like to satisfy our customers with genuine leather and outstanding designs. Following the footsteps of Marc Buchanan, his attention to detail and aesthetic sense, we create something close to Pelle Pelle leather 1978 keeping its legacy alive.

Our leather guarantees Longevity and Perfection you seek in your attire. If you’re looking to get fame with your style then there can be nothing better than a Pelle Jacket. It won’t only reflect your love of hip-hop culture but will also help you embrace your true self. Let’s dress up in a genuine Pelle and rock the walk with a unique style.

Why Choose Us for a Pelle Pelle Outfit?

Quality: Original Pelle Pelle outfits aren’t available easily. You have to dig in all the online stores to find a genuine one. Here at our Pelle Pelle store, we provide authentic quality, handmade from our labors and designed by our top-notch jacket designers. This is one of the unique factors of our online store.

Experience: A jacket isn’t just a product, it’s an experience you get when you choose a store to buy. Our jackets are customized according to your requirements, personality and the trends. Other than that, we also do free and fast shopping. So, shopping here also guarantees experience.

Prompt Customer Support: When you order on our website, our support team will get in touch within 2-4 hours. You can share your additional requirements or any other query you want us to assist. And until your order reaches your doorstep, our team would be happy to assist in any manner you want.

Explore Your Inner Style with Pelle Pelle Leather Jackets that are Meant to Stand Out

At our store, we understand the importance of being unique in your style statement. That’s why our jacket features individuality that sets you apart from others. Whether it’s vintage style embroidered jackets or Pelle Pelle Picasso jackets, our striking patches and design will always add to your personality.

Another factor that’s worth adding is Versatility that comes with a Pelle jacket. The transition from casual to formal occasions makes them a versatile collection in your wardrobe. So, whether you pair it with jeans or wear it over a dress, its stylish look will always let you stand out.